Why get involved with AWTAD?

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While we are but one of many NGOs operating in the field of social entrepreneurship in Egypt, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond to deliver in all our unique programs. Our goal is to meet our targets every time. We do this through relentless planning and careful execution. The result is that the people involved with AWTAD are able time and again to use and develop their skills to make a difference in their communities. AWTAD seeks to promote a healthy ecosystem in which entrepreneurs can flourish in all our communities in order to maximize the impact of our programs. AWTAD works with you to help you build a successful and fulfilling professional life.

Latest project

AWTAD is starting the thinkubator rounds covering Egypt with all its governerates making sure that we can sustain this development through virtualizing the whole experiment. On its part of enhancing the enterpreneurial experience we are aiming to raise the awareness of the culture where businesses should exist

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