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Support AWTAD

All our programs target women and youth and promote economic empowerment through the usage of interactive tools.  We mainly depend on knowledge sharing through mentoring and coaching and learning by doing.

We believe in the huge numbers of talents found in Egypt and in every field of interest, thus we work with our partners to make it happen for all.

Without your support whether a company, a person or a group we will not be able to sustain our passionate drive to make things happen for our beneficiaries.  So contact us so we can arrange according to your giving needs what we can do together!

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Share you interest to partner with us by sending us an email on

Since its inception AWTAD managed grants, whether local or foreign, in millions of pounds to achieve the change in its area of interest.  We worked with companies like Microsoft, Exxon Mobil, Nestle, Henkel and others in the local markets and international grants from organizations such as Save the Children, Vital Voices, USAID, ILO, UNIDO and others from the international scene.

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