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Latest News

We are currently working on the ERADA Project which takes all our experience along the years in entrepreneurship, crafts and training for employability and merges them to serve women with disabilities in order to make it possible for them to become more economically enabled and sustained.

Coming Soon

Here we will share with you all the new ideas and projects that are in the pipeline

AWTAD will be moving into a new exciting sector namely rural tourism.  So stay tuned with more info soon!

AWTAD is partnering with private sector company to offer its expertise and that of its network to the world of entrepreneurs and start ups.  It will be a new way of consulting start ups by giving them a nudge in the right direction but based on their needs.

We are launching soon a unique new brand for a very special group of people and with great partners.  Can not wait to share with you all!

More exciting partnerships to announce to make your journey and ours sustainable and more impactful

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