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The proposed Project for the Economic Empowerment of Women with Disabilities (WwDs) in Egypt, “ERADA,” will be implemented in 3 governorates; Greater Cairo, Fayoum, and Aswan. The Project seeks sustained improvement in the quality of life of young WwDs through stimulating local economic development and diversifying livelihood opportunities, which will enable their mainstreaming into sustainable Value Chains. This would also contribute towards the national development goals of inclusive economic growth, and poverty alleviation.


WwDs face multiple challenges to their economic independence, which range from the lack of access to finances, inadequate skills, little access to market information, high levels of vulnerabilities to sickness and an inhibitive regulatory environment. In these circumstances, the ERADA Project intends to create economic choices through a combination of efforts to build assets and skills for the WwDs and help them to diversify their income generating activities by stimulating engagement in services that provide income opportunities.


ERADA Journey

Cairo and  Now Fayoum

The ERADA project aims to reduce poverty, increase economic empowerment and social inclusion for marginalized WwDs in Greater Cairo, Fayoum, and Aswan. The project will empower the target group to increase household income and create opportunities of inclusive employment.


The project will thus focus on raising personal and technical skills, creating decent work opportunities for WwDs, reducing financial access and knowledge, increasing access to markets, and ensuring economic empowerment so that WwDs can attain growth and sustainability.

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