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It is all about entrepreneurship, starting, stabilizing, growing and sustaining.  We use unique mixture of knowledge sharing, experience hand me down and quick fixes that can take you to where you want to be faster.



This is one of a kind program that targeted behavioral change in the work place.  Collaborated with companies and entities to run a life changing program using a set of well designed tools to effect change



This is our signature program for anybody with and idea and want to take it to the business level.  This is a fun program that takes your ideas to the next level. Call us to schedule a session with your organization.


Job Ready

Securing a job is a race so we make it easier through this innovative methodology that we created to start with the job and prepare you for it and make sure you are in it the next day you finish the training.

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Start ME Up

This is the first program AWTAD designed and ran for as long as we remember because it is simply how lives get to change.  This utilized state of the art mentoring tools and well experienced mentors that work together to help those who need the helping hand, in any sector, happen...

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Our Signature program for Women. Giving Leverage to Women is designed by women for women and works with them in a fun way to change their abilities to compete in the ever changing world of business.

But Women are totally connected on the personal and professional levels so we also work to fine tune their personal lives so that they can achieve all they want.

Sanad centers were started in the early 2000 with the sole purpose of offering all those who are producers, visionaries and doers  a solid business arm through others without the hassle of partnerships.

Sanad centers offer their clients a full range of business services that can support their continued integration in local and international markets.

Sanad Centers

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