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AWTAD brings to the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Egypt after years of working with entrepreneurs its latest master piece – “UP Communities"

Those communities will invite the entrepreneurs in from the time they start, through growth and sustaining. As an active member of this community we will pick and boost the skills needed by every entrepreneur through a highly interactive and entertaining methodology of group practice. Experts and experienced staff will guide you to the best possible format to make it the shortest journey to stability and success.

Business analysts and business developers will work with you hand in hand to do the quickest fixes and lay the basis for you to have the best brand to compete in any market, best management schemes and the easiest functional financial models. In addition experienced national and international entrepreneurs and experts will be available to answer your questions and guide your passage from one stage to the next.

Up communities is an exclusive society for those who have creative projects that can create the change we want to see in Egypt and having the potential to grow and compete in any market in the world. If you are ready to invest in yourself and your business through huge amounts of dedication and commitment, creative thinking and minimal financial commitments then you are in the right place. We believe in giving you everything and more for as little as possible.
The UP community is not a place you would want to leave, it is a place where you would love to grow in. Live an UP experience and we guarantee that you will have a complete transformation personally and professionally.

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